Corrosion Protection in an Age of Electronics

Today’s world is dominated by electronics that add to the convenience and complexity of life. Our heavy reliance on them makes it all the more noticeable when electronics fail, leading to downtime, interrupted operations, and sometimes even costly replacements that stretch into the tens of thousands of dollars. When a corrosive environment factors into the equation, the risk for failure is especially high. Fortunately, end users can minimize the risk by taking simple preventative steps to extend electronics’ service life.

Corrosion protection starts long before electronics are installed and operating. Millions of small or large electronic components journey from the manufacturing plant through many unpredictable shipping conditions before finding their ways into computers, HMIs, cell phones, automobiles, or countless digital controls in equipment of all types. At this early phase, corrosion protection can be as easy as slipping a PCB into an EcoSonic® VpCI®-125 HP Permanent ESD Bag or sticking a VpCI®-105 Emitter inside an already assembled electronics cabinet shrouded in VpCI®-126 Film and about to be shipped overseas.

Onsite corrosion protection can be just as critical, if not more so—especially in outdoor installations or corrosive indoor environments such as wastewater facilities with abundant humidity and extra H2S. A light mist of ElectriCorr™ VpCI®-239 can go a long way toward protecting the connections inside a digital billboard by the side of the highway or the controls inside an HMI panel controlling a wastewater lift station pump. Further protection inside closed electronic compartments can be added by inserting a VpCI®-111 Emitter to emit protective Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors or a Corrosorber® to absorb excess H2S.

Alone or separate, each of these items can play an important role in a corrosion prevention strategy for the electronics that, for better or worse, tend to control our lives. Thanks to these solutions, end users can take control for themselves and no longer remain at the mercy of corrosion in an age of electronics!

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