EcoSonic® VpCI® Static Dissipative Stretch Film

EcoSonic® VpCI® Static Dissipative Stretch Film

EcoSonic® VpCI® Static Dissipative Stretch Film meets the anti-static requirements under MIL-PRF-81705 E in the form of a high performance stretch film with multi-metal corrosion inhibitors and ESD protection!

The poor electrical conductivity of plastic film requires special attention in packaging applications where static discharges are unacceptable. Pressure and friction during stretch-wrapping applications will produce static discharges. These can be quite significant and cannot be dissipated by

Cortec ® Laboratories has developed this specialty film for electronics, munitions, fertilizers, and any industrial applications where static discharge could result in dangerous packaging conditions.

Available in 12” (30.5 cm), 15” (38 cm), 18” (45.75 cm), and 20” (50 cm) widths in the following thicknesses: 1.0 mil (25 µm)
or 1.5 mil (38 µm). All sizes made to order. Contact Cortec® Customer Service for custom requirements and lead times. To ensure best product performance, store in original packaging, indoors, and out of direct sunlight at 40-100 °F (4-38 °C).
Shelf life: 1 year

Product data sheet (pdf)

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