VCI Film for Anti-Corrosion Packaging

VCI Film for Anti-Corrosion Packaging

At Cortec®, we make premium VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) films and bags under the VpCI® brand name—a distinguishing mark of quality in the VCI packaging world. VpCI® films and bags are used in countless industries and applications around the globe, giving users an easy and effective way to protect metal parts and equipment from rust and corrosion.

What is VCI Technology
VCI is the generic term for “volatile corrosion inhibitor,” “vapor corrosion inhibitor,” or “Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor,” a revolutionary technology that simplifies corrosion protection and is ideal for keeping enclosed void spaces (e.g., packages, equipment internals, or structural metal cavities) rust-free. We have trademarked our Cortec® brand of VCIs under the name VpCI® to help ensure our customers are getting the premium VCI products that are trusted globally. Learn more about How VCI Works here.

What is VCI Film
Cortec® VpCI® films and bags contain Cortec’s proprietary blend of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors to protect packaged metals from becoming rusty or corroded.

How Do VCI Films Work
Cortec® VpCI® films protect metals both through direct contact and vapor-phase action. In places where the VpCI® plastic is in direct contact with the metal, VpCI® molecules adsorb, or temporarily “stick,” on the metal surfaces, creating an invisible molecular barrier against corrosive elements such as oxygen, moisture, and chlorides. As VpCI® molecules vaporize out of the film and diffuse throughout the package, they also form a protective molecular layer on metal surfaces not in direct contact with the film. When the packaging is removed, the VpCI® molecules simply vaporize and float away. No extra cleaning or coating removal is needed, and the metal part can be used immediately.

Why Choose Cortec VpCI® Film
The short answer? Premium quality. If you want the most reliable VCI film protection, choose Cortec® VpCI®. Our vertical integration ensures we can oversee quality from start to finish, unlike other VCI film makers who subcontract portions of their process.

All our VpCI® films provide multi-metal corrosion protection, eliminating the need to stock many different films for different types of metal. We do, however, offer numerous size and format options, so you can protect metal objects as small as a needle or as large as the contents of an oceangoing container.

We also have a great recycling partnership opportunity for companies who use a lot of VpCI®-126 Film and Bags and want to send them back to us for reprocessing and customer credit.* At a time when it is difficult to achieve a true “circular economy,” we are honored to stand as an industry model, creating a win-win-win situation for customers, Cortec®, and the environment. Learn more about our VpCI® Plastic Recycling Service!

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